We specialize in the production of sound insulation and reinforcing products, mainly for the automotive industry.


It´s suitable for the parts that need to dampen vibrations and repel / absorb sound in areas such as the upper windshield frame and pillars.


Expandable insulator with outstanding performance in acoustic absorption. Astonishing capability for insulation, absorption and vibration. Fill cavity in pillars of vehicle


Has excellent damping property to prevent propagation of vibration in the component panel.


OROTEX 6020, 6050 (AL) This is a damping material made from butyl rubber to reduce vibration.

XETORO Butyl Rubber converts vibration into thermal energy. This conversion helps reduce noise caused by vibration.


Soundproof (Plastic Type): fills various cavities such as pillars and provides soundproofing and insulation in the cabin. It is usable for body cavities such as pillars, rocker panels, etc. Orotex’s patented material, which has the property of expanding up to 21 times its size and provides sound isolation.

OROTEX LS8020 /LS8040

High reinforcement and light weight thanks to the expandable adhesive layer. Easily applied to oily metal without cleaning the surface. Door Handle Door Panel Trunk lid

OROTEX STF Stiffener

Stiffen any parts of panels such as quarter, door panels, where the required strength has not been secured.

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